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The use of the website and services of https://www.arevthebrand.com by the visitor / user of this website implies full acceptance of the following terms of use. The visitor / user of the website https://www.vacaythebrand.com is obliged to read carefully through the following conditions before using the services of the website and / or ordering any product and is urged, if he does not agree, not to make use of the services and the overall content of the website. RAD POLEWEAR reserves the right to unilaterally amend any or all terms of use, and the visitor and / or user is obliged, as to periodically inform himself of any changes thereto. 



The electronic page / website https://www.vacaythebrand.com is the official online store of the Private Capital Company under the name "RAD POLEWEAR Private Company" and with the trade names "RAD POLEWEAR P.C.” and “AREV THE BRAND” and applies specifically for this second branch, - hereby described and known as RAD POLEWEAR, The Company, We, Our - with registered office in Metamorfosi Attica Greece, at Athinon - Lamias National Road (14th km) Lymmata Bridge P.O.14452, with Business Registration no. 125965601000 and Chamber Registration no. 291134, email: arevthebrand@gmail.com.

The purpose of our company is the production and sale of clothing and footwear. The branch Vacay the Brand and the website/e-shop https://www.arevthebrand.com is solely designed for the sale of sportswear and swimwear. 


1) The production and trade, wholesale and retail, of clothing. 

2) The marketing, wholesale and retail, of footwear. 

3) Imports and exports of these products.

4) The representation in the domestic market of foreign firms that produce or market inter alia and the above mentioned products and sales promotion for third parties, natural or legal persons, services and all types of products. 

5) The Provision of Services and Work in the fields of Advertising, Market Research, Media and the Information, Organization and Support (sponsoring) of exhibitions, seminars, conferences and all kinds of events, development of relevant studies and programs, promotion, organization and execution of public relations.

6) The organization, the coordination and the management of Communications and Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Market Research, the Promotion, Organization and Execution of all kinds of events, exhibitions, conferences, seminars in Greece and abroad. 

7) The collection of material, the editing, production and presentation of articles on various consumer goods for third parties, natural or legal persons. 

8) The publication with traditional or electronic methods, the circulation and exploitation of any kind of print material, the marketing, sale, distribution, import and export of all kinds of print material.

9) The design, editing, production of all kinds of publications, as periodicals, books, newsletters, advertising, marketing and information leaflets on their own behalf or on behalf of third natural or legal persons and the allocation and distribution of these.

10) The production of articles and photo spreads and other printed material for the purpose of disposal in any form to third parties, natural or legal persons, domestic and foreign. 

11) The undertaking and execution of any nature of graphic art and work, including but not limited to printing, publishing, lithographic printing, bookbinder, typesetter, photo composition work, as also special print jobs as image compositions in computers, editing, photo composition for the creation of models, print material, screen printing, box manufacturing operations, flexography etc. 

12) The establishment and operation of photo lab, creative writing and related services, providing the press and information services and agencies and representation in general of photographic and news print material, for the purpose of disposal in any form to third parties, natural or legal persons and in general any journalistic editorial work.

13) The acquisition, possession, use and transfer of patents, trademarks, techniques and industrial processes (know - how), providing and receiving franchise rights (franchising), related to the above mentioned purposes of the Private Capital Company.

14) The Sales and Provision of all kinds of services, associated with telecommunications, computing, telematics or the Internet or other related system and selling items through electronic commerce, providing third party promotion services through the Internet and the Web using leased or space provided by the respective providers. 

15) The provision of Consulting Services, Marketing Services, Education and Human Resources (human resource management) to companies with corresponding operating purpose.



The products sold by RAD POLEWEAR, their characteristics, their price and their available inventory for this specific branch are found at https://www.arevthebrand.com and are available to all visitors and / or users thereof.  RAD POLEWEAR is not responsible for any lack of products for sale. 



Orders through https://www.vacaythebrand.com are distance sales contracts, which are governed by the provisions of Law 2251/1994, as amended and currently in force, the overall Greek Law, the European Law and the relevant international conventions. 

The visitor and / or user has the right to conclude the above contracts of sale, provided such visitor and / or user is legally able and always in compliance with the applicable Civil Code of the Hellenic Republic and the overall Greek Law. 

To place an order on one or an array of items you must:

  1. Fill in the special form of https://www.vacaythebrand.com with the information necessary for the conclusion of the sales contract. 
  2. Expressly and unreservedly accept the terms of the sales contract and the terms of use. 
  3. Choose the payment method. You have the option to pay with:
  4. Cash on delivery for orders only within the Greek territory. 
  5. Pay pal.
  6. Credit Card

Upon completion of your order you will receive an email, confirming all order information, which implies the unconditional acceptance of its entire content. If you do not receive an electronic message (email), you are required to immediately contact RAD POLEWEAR in any way. Otherwise, RAD POLEWEAR bears no responsibility for failure to complete your order and failure to send the ordered goods. Similarly, RAD POLEWEAR bears no responsibility in case of incorrect entry of data required to complete your order. 

Your billing upon completion of your order will include:

  1. The price of ordered products. 
  2. Shipping expenses. 

After completing your order and receiving the confirmation email, you can cancel the order within 24 hours. If you wish to return some or all of the ordered products, you can do so within thirty (30) days from the delivery date of these to you, in the same excellent condition that you received them and without having made use of them. After the expiration of this period, RAD POLEWEAR is not obliged to accept the cancellation of the order and / or the return of the ordered products. 


Please visit or Privacy Policy for more detailed information on the process of your personal data during transactions on the website https://www.vacaythebrand.com.


Force majeure

RAD POLEWEAR has no liability for any delay or hindrance, which will arise in connection with the hereby assumed obligations, and will be due directly and / or indirectly to force majeure. Reason of force majeure shall mean any act or omission which is beyond the Company's control and includes but is not limited to strikes or similar situations, occupations, disasters, earthquakes, floods, interruption of networks (telephone, electricity, etc.), sabotage, intruders on the internet (hackers), wars, and other events of similar nature.



This Agreement will be construed in accordance with Greek Law.
For any dispute, which may be on any issue relating to this Agreement, effort will be made for amicable settlement. According to Directive 2013/11 / EC, which was incorporated into Greek law by Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, there is a provision for the possibility of electronic consumer dispute resolution with the Alternative Dispute Resolution process throughout the European Union. If the Customer has a problem with the purchase made from the Online Store and resides in the EU, he can use the site https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show for an out of court settlement.

If an amicable settlement is impossible, the matter will only be resolved by the Courts of Athens, the competence and jurisdiction of which the parties are subject to. 



The use of the services provided through https://www.arevthebrand.com implies unconditional acceptance of these terms of use.


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